Encrypted Facebook email notifications?

Encrypted Facebook email notifications?

As it turns out, Facebook offers the ability to encrypt all your email notifications from them.


You simply upload an OpenPGP public key to your profile and that’s it. Now you have the ability to have Facebook encrypt all your email notifications. When enabled for the first time, Facebook will email you with an encrypted URL which you need to goto in order to make sure you can decrypt any further notifications.


If for some reason you have someone else reading your emails and don’t want them to see what the notifications say. Or you’re just worried someone might gain access to your email and don’t want them reading notifications and potentially gaining access to your Facebook account via a password reset email or something. This will even prevent your email provider from snooping.

I think it’s good that Facebook has added this feature because it shows other companies what security features they could be implementing to make their users feel more safe when using their product.

This been available on Facebook since June 2015.

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